Collective Members

Curtis Bauer, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, is a poet and translator. He is interested in modes of translation and composition: he investigates not only how we move text from one linguistic system to another, but how individuals translate experiences of unfamiliar spaces in their search for orientation.

Rafael Beneytez Duran, Associate Professor of Architecture, investigates, constructs and writes on “the problem of atmospheres as a form in architecture.” His interests focus on architectural design in technological forms as atmospheric constructions and infrastructure architecture, related to the notions of lightness, transparency and shadowless space. His works research the contact points between technology and culture.

Idoia Elola, Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures. She investigates second language writing, and works with the writing found in public signs, investigating the “linguistic landscapes” of Hispanic flea markets in Texas in connection to language policies, geographical and architectural perspectives.

Susan Larson, Professor of Spanish and amateur geographer, conducts research that lies at the intersection of Literature, Film and Cultural Studies. Her research and teaching engage with theories of social space and the discourses of modernity at play in Spanish culture since 1900, paying special attention to the cultural implications of urban planning and architecture.

Chris Taylor, Associate Professor of Architecture and Director of Land Arts of the American West at Texas Tech. Land Arts is a “semester abroad in our own backyard,” investigating the intersection of human construction and the evolving shape of the planet across the arid lands of the Americas.

Kenton Wilkinson, Professor and Director of the Thomas Jay Harris Institute for Hispanic and International Communication at Texas Tech, is editor of the International Journal of Hispanic Media and author of Spanish-Language Television in the United States: Fifty Years of Development. Wilkinson’s research interests include international communication and Hispanic-oriented media.